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27 March 2017

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By Helen CONEFREY, EU Delegation to ECUADOR

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USHU ΰ votre service 24/7 – Pour toutes les catιgories de Personnel !


Dear Colleagues in Delegations:

On the occasion of the "OUTSIDE the EU Plenary", your elected and highly active USHU members will be present in Brussels to participate in meetings with the Management from both the COMMISSION and the EEAS.

USHU will transmit clear messages to the hierarchy on what the pending issues and problems are in Delegations and how we want management to listen to us and find appropriate solutions ( with a little help from our side)

USHU has requested, among others, the following topics to be firmly on the agenda :

• WORKING CONDITIONS for Local Agents (Framework Rules, Medical scheme and Provident Fund) - USHU will be present in the information session to be held on 29/03 and in several Local Agent Committees

• TELEWORKING – despite this being common practice for COMM colleagues in other places of work where the conditions are met, this is not yet applied (pilots are on-going). USHU believes firmly that this must form part of a modern workplace and that in many Delegations the conditions already FULLY met and that Teleworking must be permitted.

• PUBLIC HOLIDAYS – as is the case at COMM in Brussels, USHU requests the COMM and the EEAS to practice "flexibility" in the use of Public Holidays for colleagues in Delegations – to allow them to bulk them up/ add to annual leave etc..

• SPECIAL LEAVE for medical issues – current Special Leave conditions remain inadequate for many Expat Delegation colleagues who are obliged/encouraged to combine medical leave with annual leave and this is often difficult/impossible – USHU believes the current provisions do not address full DEL needs and requests a review and returns to the original proposal of a minimum of 2 days of Special Leave for DEL colleagues in connection with medical issues

• HOME LEAVE – Data on the rotation of Officials and the mobility of Contract Agents, suggests that with the entry into force of the new 2014 Staff Regulations of 2014 coupled with the greatly reduced Annex X provisions and the new Home Leave allocations, there is already an impact with colleagues carefully selecting Delegation countries that have a certain proximity to the EU. USHU will call on Management to consider changes to Home Leave with a view to addressing current imbalances and ensuring that all Delegations are as attractive as possible for staff members no matter what the distance from the mothership might be.

• EDUCATON ALLOWANCE – USHU knows that there is still a great level of concern over the top-up payment ( excess ) and new rules applied to recyclage/retraining – these will be raised forcefully with our interlocutors – USHU firmly believes that the new approach of co-financing and ever greater contributions to schooling costs, disproportionately impacts on single-parents, one-income families and those with numerous children of school age. USHU wants Delegations to remain as a healthy option for staff with children of school age.

The above list is not exhaustive and many other topics will be discussed which are of great interest to all staff in Delegation and USHU will get back to you. Please send us your comments/ suggestions on any staff issue to : REP PERS OSP USHU



The only true way to ensure a balanced approach where your voice is heard!


USHU Bureau Executive: Helen CONEFREY (President), Victoria DAVYDOVA (General Secretary), Siggi KRAHL (Political Secretary), Jordi CARRASCO-MUNOZ, Noel KAMDEN, Alessandro LIAMINE, Aminata ONGOIBA, Ugo SOKARI-GEORGES, Dimitrije STANKOVIC; Diego GONZALEZ MARIN (Vice President)

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