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USHU MEETS TOP BRASS DISCUSSIONS IN BRUSSELS - DEL Officials/TAs/CAs/LAs - you are all on the Agenda ! (March 2017)


Meeting on Jan 2016 (Constitutive Plenary)

Dear USHU members and all COMM staff based in Delegations:

The new CLP HU met in plenary recently in Brussels (25-27/01) in order to meet up for the first time as a new team of staff representatives working on behalf of you, all categories of colleagues pertaining to the Commission and serving in third countries indeed the CLP HU has the responsibility to represent over 3,500 colleagues in Delegations!

USHU has prepared this brief overview (below) of what we consider to be the main points of this first plenary and is proud to inform you that it has 12 elected members to the CLP HU (find out who they are on the last slide!) our elected USHU members to the CLP HU are at your service and will be available to answer any queries/ provide regular advice.

USHU believes we have a strong team at the CLP HU and will make every effort to continue to serve your interests and to ensure that Delegation staff (Local Agents, Contract Agents, Temporary Agends and Officials) are always on the radar at HQ.

Take a few moments of your time to go through this document and get to know who is who and which management staff we met last week from COMM & EEAS

Overview of the results


Date Content
April 2016 Local Agents in Delegations: Redundancies, zero increase in salaries, limited training, career blockage, what next?
5 April 2018 Women in Social Dialogue: Urgent need for more women elected to pivotal roles in Staff Committees and Trade Unions.
Local Agents: Where we stand with the proposed New Decisions
Video : let Helen & Dimitirje tell you all the latest news!
14 May 2018


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