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Unity & Solidarity Outside the EU


USHU Survey 2018 – public consultation with staff


New Beginning and new Partnership initiative

USHU 2018 Survey contains three set of topics:
  1. Staff opinion and knowledge about Trade Unions

  2. USHU Specific Questions

  3. Revive USHU - New Beginning and New Partnership initiative

Please participate and complete the survey

USHU President introduces the USHU Survey
please see video

With ever more Members and supporters,
goes from strength to strength and celebrates 10 years of successfully working for you.

We have assisted individual staff members and brokered deals for your collective good.

Chair of USHU

Who we are ? What we do? Why we launch a survey after 10 years of service?

USHU was founded in 2008 in direct response to the need to have more experienced TU staff representing colleagues in Delegations at that time.

The prevailing perception was that Delegation staff was out of sight and out of mind when it came to Human Resources Policies decided at HQ and their impact felt by colleagues all over the globe.

Today USHU represents the interests of 100’s of staff of ALL categories working in EU DEL and HQ, pertaining to both the European Commission and the External Action Service.

USHU is comprised of reputable, experienced and knowledgeable colleagues of all staff categories who voluntarily work on your behalf in order to broker better working conditions and a healthier work-life balance.

USHU was created in 2008 to ensure that your needs are not simply ignored at HQ but that they are the centre of the agenda in Social Dialogue meetings.

Since 2008 USHU has consolidated its expertise and successfully defended the interests at an individual and collective level.

With your continued and our joint efforts USHU pledges itself to become even more engaged and to help you to work better with us over the next decade! USHU is ready to ADAPT AND CHANGE in line with your suggestions. USHU is OFFERING NEW MEMBERSHIP POSSIBILITIES with differentiated status as well as OFFERING YOU A NEW PARTNERSHIP.

The USHU survey – a public consultation with staff - is part of our renewed approach to involve you more. Taking just a FEW MINUTES to complete our survey will help us to better understand your needs and concerns, and as a result – to represent you even better.

A big “Welcome” to new members & “Thanks” to existing ones USHU listens to staff and invites you to RENEW your membership or to become a NEW member.

USHU invites you to become a Member and to take a more active role in personnel issues. We will provide you with more opportunities to work with us and to strengthen USHU even more.

USHU is offering you the possibility to become more involved in staff policy issues and in specific USHU activities.

Why remain an onlooker? You may want to consider being a candidate for the next 2018 CLP HU elections when the Staff Committee which represents over 3500 staff in Delegations will be elected. Being part of the CLP HU is a unique opportunity to ensure that USHU drives home the essential messages and presents your demands to top management at COMM and EEAS.

If the Staff Committee is not your thing, no problem, you can still work with us and become a local “USHU Ambassador” at your workplace, in your region.

With your support we are “STRONGER TOGETHER”

USHU invites you to work closely with us to ensure that our Executive Bureau is aware of all the burning issues in each Delegation, in each region no matter how far away from Brussels you are.


Check out our website www.us-hu.eu & learn more about us.

Join our FB page : www.facebook.com/groups/USHU.EUDelegations 

Watch our informative videos and listen to Helen & Dimitrije discuss 10 years of USHU! www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOIQ6PFFtO4 


YOUR USHU team is ready to represent you in the CLP HU Elections 2018!

“2008 seems like only yesterday when a small group of dedicated Delegation staff decided to fully empower themselves and to create USHU, a new Trade Union for you”.

Ten years on, I would very much like to thank you for placing your trust in your Trade Union, USHU (Unity & Solidarity Outside Union) the only Trade-Union that was created and managed by Delegation Staff in Delegations back in 2008.

With your support and our joint efforts, we can better defend the rights of staff in External Relations working for both the Commission and the EEAS.


USHU is presenting a strong and balanced list N°4 in the 2018 CLP HU Elections that will kick off on 5 NOVEMBER :
  • GENDER PARITY - USHU actively canvassed for more women and made this a reality

  • WIDE GEO-coverage

  • ALL staff categories

  • POWERFUL COMBINATION of experienced staff reps & highly motivated newcomers


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