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22 February 2017

Member of / Membre de

By Victoria Davydova, EU Delegation to Ukraine

USHU at your service 24/7 – For all categories of Staff !
USHU à votre service 24/7 – Pour toutes les catégories de Personnel !


Consultations on revision of the legal basis for employment of local agents will start at the end of March 2017 as a part of a social dialogue between administration and trade unions.

Framework Rules, Medical scheme and Provident Fund are the three basic legal documents that “will be revised, modernised and brought to the relevant EU standards”. That is what the administration announced to staff representatives. There will be many changes in different areas of work and life of LAs, hopefully positive ones.

The consultations will be between trade unions and administrations of the EEAS and the Commission.

The Administration will present the first draft/s and their ideas for changes in February or beginning of March, so we will contact you for your opinion and comments.

Please stay alerted and follow closely will the news and discussions in this respect! If there are issues which you think shall be changed in the Framework rules, Provident Fund and CSISLA (you can find these documents in Delegation’s Guide on the EASZone), this is the time to communicate them to us.

PLEASE NOTE: Your future at the delegations will be on the table of the discussions and USHU will actively participate in all the negotiations and defend your rights!!


USHU Bureau Executive: Helen CONEFREY (President), Victoria DAVYDOVA (General Secretary), Siggi KRAHL (Political Secretary), Jordi CARRASCO-MUNOZ, Noel KAMDEN, Alessandro LIAMINE, Aminata ONGOIBA, Ugo SOKARI-GEORGES, Dimitrije STANKOVIC; Diego GONZALEZ MARIN (Vice President)

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