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15 September 2017

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by Eyal INBAR: EU Delegation to ISRAEL, Sunil KUMAR: EU Delegation to INDIA

Dimitrije STANKOVIC: EU Delegation to SERBIA, Ranjan SHRESTHA : EU Delegation to NEPAL

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LOCAL AGENTS – your working conditions, your future

Local Agent Negotiations KICK OFF NEXT WEEK


USHU will be present in force at the kick-off session of Trade Union negotiations on the Local Agent Package on 19/09/2017.

USHU informed you in March of the outcome of the information session based on a "Discussion Paper". Now all TUs have received draft proposals for three separate Decisions concerning

  • Working Conditions

  • Complementary Sickness Insurance Scheme

  • Provident Fund

The first round of TU negotiations will start on Tuesday 19 September, with another round hot on its heels, scheduled for the 27/09.

USHU has examined closely all three draft Decisions and will aim to obtain a range of clarifications and precisions at the kick-off meeting. We firmly believe it is crucial to successfully negotiate the update and modernisation of all three documents such that they meet the needs and expectations of all Local Agents. Administration has promised the documents will be "revised, modernised and brought to the relevant EU standards". We share this objective and welcome efforts to improve the lot of Local Agents.

USHU however believes there is still much progress to be made and requests the EEAS/COMM to fully engage with Trade Unions in a mutual effort to achieve the best possible outcome for Local Agents.

The previous COMM Framework Rules for Local Agents date back to 1 January 1990 – these negotiations represent a major opportunity to have real improvements after almost 27 years!

USHU is concerned that the current draft Decisions are simply too vague in many parts and overly ambiguous in others, with little clarity in the text as to how the new proposal will in fact work in practice.

The AIPN appears to have unfettered powers and there is simply NO mention whatsoever of the National Law Reference Guide (NLR), an important reference guide and pillar in the new contractual relationship.

There is NO reference to "acquired" rights of LAs on post nor to their freedom to accept /reject this proposal. For the Providence Fund - details on how increased contributions will be calculated are missing.

USHU requests all trade unions to become more involved in these negotiations and to assist us in collectively negotiating the best possible package for Local Agents.

We invite all staff and particularly Local Agents in Delegation, working for COMM/EEAS - to actively contribute to this discussion by raising you different issues and your concerns directly with us.

USHU will represent Local Agents to its best ability & actively negotiate for improvements and the defence of your rights.


Please send us your comments/ suggestions on any staff issue to : REP PERS OSP USHU




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USHU Bureau Executive: Helen CONEFREY (President), Victoria DAVYDOVA (General Secretary), Siggi KRAHL (Political Secretary), Jordi CARRASCO-MUNOZ, Noel KAMDEN, Alessandro LIAMINE, Aminata ONGOIBA, Ugo SOKARI-GEORGES, Dimitrije STANKOVIC; Diego GONZALEZ MARIN (Vice President)

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