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7 November 2017

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by Helen CONEFREY, EU Delegation to PARAGUAY – Chair of USHU and

Dimitrije STANKOVIC, EU Delegation to SERBIA – Chief Negotiator for Local Agents

USHU at your service 24/7 – For all categories of Staff !
USHU à votre service 24/7 – Pour toutes les catégories de Personnel !


Dear LOCAL AGENTS in Delegations:

After five rounds of negotiations and an informal meeting last week, the process of consultation on the new Framework Rules (FR) and the two decisions on the CSISLA (future: LA-Medical) and Provident Fund has reached a new stage. Trade unions have now received the revised texts based on the comments made by staff representatives during these negotiation rounds.

USHU has been present at all negotiations and welcomes the fact that its requests for improvements to the texts have been incorporated. The REVISED texts contain many, important improvements :

  • Explicit reference in the text to the notion of "more favourable between local legislation and FR" has been included, i.e. in case of an issue regulated by both what is more favourable will be applied.

  • It is now stated that local staff perform duties "under the supervision and responsibility of a Union official, temporary agent or contract agent" instead of the original "support and technical duties" – USHU believes this better represents the role and responsibilities of Local Agents in Delegations today

  • The reference to Six LA groups has been reincorporated with a description of duties as requested by USHU.

  • The number of promotions will be maintained at four but with two additional steps rather than just one step.

  • The new text indicates the AACC "shall" adopt rules on flexi time, and not "may" adopt as it was in the original text. USHU has fought relentlessly to ensure that all HR policies aimed at modernising the workplace are fully applicable to Local Agents in Delegations.

  • There is now an even clearer statement indicating that for whatever reason, those who decide NOT to sign the new Working Conditions, may continue under the "old" rules (that includes the Special Conditions of Employment). USHU insisted on this clarification for ALL

  • Medical Insurance, at USHU´s request, there is now an extension in the number of services, updating and increasing ceilings

  • USHU formally requested to extend the role of both LA Joint Committees that will deal with these the Complementary Sickness Scheme and the Provident Fund – this is now foreseen in the new texts.

Despite the above improvements that were requested by USHU and included, there are still several elements missing which need to be incorporated in order to ensure the BEST POSSIBLE PACKAGE FOR LOCAL AGENTS

The following includes is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of what remains pending for USHU to negotiate on your behalf  :

  • Re-introduction of the Reclassification Exercise for Local Agents to address the issue of the colleagues who are now in service and are graded in a lower category than that which their duties require.

  • The extension of medical coverage after retirement, ideally for life –  it is not yet explicit for how long the extension may last, this needs clarification!

  • Pension Fund – USHU has asked again about the option of a Pension Scheme where local, national pensions are inexistent / inadequate whilst maintaining the option of a lump sum for those who wish so

 The next, and supposedly final meeting at the Administrative level, is scheduled for this Thursday, 9 November - USHU will provide you with timely feedback as usual.

Negotiations will continue and USHU will advocate for greater improvements.

These are not necessarily the final texts and positive changes can still be introduced


Please send us your comments/ suggestions on any staff issue to : REP PERS OSP USHU




The only true way to ensure a balanced approach where your voice is heard!


USHU Bureau Executive: Helen CONEFREY (President), Victoria DAVYDOVA (General Secretary), Siggi KRAHL (Political Secretary), Jordi CARRASCO-MUNOZ, Noel KAMDEN, Alessandro LIAMINE, Aminata ONGOIBA, Ugo SOKARI-GEORGES, Dimitrije STANKOVIC; Diego GONZALEZ MARIN (Vice President)

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