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EEAS elections

2015 elections for the EEAS Staff Committee

Dear colleagues,

The Near You list - introduced by USHU, R&D, CONF-SFE, FFPE, U4U - thanks you for supporting its candidates and their mission to defend the values of the European public service and all categories of staff, regardless their place of work and their rank. With your votes, we have obtained 3 seats.

The support of nearly 36% of our colleagues gives us a special responsibility to act for a fair staff policy that reduces uncertainty, provides attractive career prospects to all, and a motivating working environment at the service of European integration. We will be by your side throughout the process while working towards this aim.

We congratulate the list presented by US and PLUS, winner of the elections, with the largest number of seats.

NEAR 20/03/2015

Chers collègues,

La liste Near You – présentée par les syndicats USHU, R&D, CONF-SFE, FFPE, U4U – vous remercie d'avoir soutenu les candidats qu'elle présentait pour défendre les valeurs du service public européen, toutes les catégories de personnel, quels que soient leur lieu de travail et leur grade. Grâce à votre vote, nous avons pu obtenir 3 sièges

Le soutien de près de 36% de nos collègues nous confère une responsabilité particulière pour agir pour une politique du personnel équitable, qui réduit la précarité, offre une perspective de carrière à tous, ainsi qu'un travail motivant au service de la construction européenne. Nous serons présents, à vos côtés, pour travailler en ce sens.

Nous félicitons la liste présentée par l'US et PLUS, grand vainqueur de ces élections et qui a obtenu le plus grand nombre de sièges.

Dear EEAS staff in Delegation,

We are proud to inform you that USHU has created alliances with other important Trade Unions in order to present a formidable list for the EEAS Elections ( USHU/U4U/FFPE/R&D/CONF-SFE ) which commence on Friday 6 February until Sunday 15 February.

USHU is represented on the LIST 1 / NEAR YOU – you can see some of our goals in these slides.

USHU has a total of 14 Candidates (8 FULL and 6 ALTERNATE)

USHU members – indicated in RED on the last slide – are committed and experienced. They have come forward to run for the EEAS STAFF COMMITTEE in order to better represent EEAS staff both at Delegation level and at HQ.

As President of USHU, I ask you to support your USHU candidates and to vote for them and for the ENTIRE LIST 1 / NEAR YOU.

You will receive plenty of campaign information including the NEAR YOU platform in the coming days and we would be pleased to answer any queries you might have.

I look forward to an exciting campaign and ask you to contact USHU on REP PERS OSP USHU.

Good luck to the USHU team and to the entire LIST 1 / NEAR YOU - we need your votes to ensure the best possible EEAS staff representation.

President USHU   30/01/2015

Please vote for the whole NEAR you list. Only by voting for the whole list you will allow our team to keep the maximum coherence and work for you efficiently !

This common list equitably reflects the composition of the EEAS. These experienced candidates commit themselves for the long run. We are a team that is just like you, that listens to you, understands you and that will firmly represent and support you.

We ask for your trust and support because our sole commitment is to the interests of all staff.

Our Team

List #1

  Full members     Alternates    
1 Soret Bertrand AD HQ

Traore Hawa-Mah

2 Davydova Victoria AL UKR Buse Katharina AC HQ
3 Zaccari Fabrizio AST HQ Bolduan Ute AST BOSNIA
4 Thelen Brunhilde AST BURUN

Shpagina Natalia

5 Osterrieder Holger AT HQ Geysen Patrick AD HQ

Thakkar Sumeet

AL INDIA De Burlet Magdalena AST HQ
7 Mavromichalis Petros AD HQ Dehaes Eddy AST HQ

Lux John


Hana-Diantete Albertine

9 Kopp Ferdinand AD HQ Marcocchio Cathy AC RWANDA

Kamdem Noël

LA CAM Hinteregger Peter AC UKR
11 Zaratiegui Juan CA VIETNAM

Buda Dirk

12 Marinelli Sergio AD BOLIVIA

Jamankulova Karlygash

13 Pesevski Zoran LA USA Gourdon Mathilde AC HQ
14 Cabannais Dominique AC HQ

Pereira Gisela

15 Vilcinskas Jurgis AD UKR Rothacher Albrecht AD JAPON
16 Marlier Luc AST DOMING

Lewis Wayne

17 Sokari George Ugo AL NIGERIA

Sorg Christoph

18 Zecchini Sergio AC TURKEY Stas Caroline AC SALV
19 Hermans Ladislaus AST MALI Muthiani Juliet AL KENYA

Schelfaut Bernard

AST USA Zamora Gutierez Olivier AL NICAR


See also the central website for the EEAS 2015 elections :

USHU has joined its efforts to a common list aiming at representing better staff interests.

Let's build bridges instead of walls !

CLP HU request to EEAS staff to VOTE

Dear EEAS colleagues:

I address you personally as President of the Local Section "Outside the EU " ( CLP HU) of the Commission Central Staff Committee which represents COMM staff based in Delegations.

As you know, Delegations based outside the EU contain staff pertaining to both Institutions, the COMMISSION and the EEAS. Many Delegation staff face common problems and in order to have a harmonised approach where possible and to serve you better, it is extremely important for EEAS members based in Delegations, to elect a new EEAS Staff Committee.

We need two strong Committees, one representing COMM colleagues and the other representing EEAS colleagues. Failure to elect a new EEAS staff committee will most certainly be detrimental to your individual and collective interests and will leave the CLP HU without an important interlocutor at the EEAS.

This is why I ask all EEAS staff in Delegations and at HQ to take a moment of your time and to exercise your right to vote for a new EEAS staff Committee.

Quorum must be reached by 26 February otherwise a second round of elections will be required.

PLEASE VOTE NOW at the following link : https://webgate.ec.testa.eu/1/evote/clp/index.cfm

Together we are stronger - the CLP HU appreciates your commitment to the successful election of a new Staff Committee at the EEAS.

President Local Staff Committee "Outside the EU" Section


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